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How Old Does a Girl Have to Be Before She Can Wear Thong Panties?
Thursday, February 26, 2015- By Admin       (0) Comments

If you're a teenaged girl and you're thinking about buying thong panties, either online or at your favorite store at the mall, you'll want to consider several factors before spending your babysitting money or allowance on such a purchase.

If you're eighteen years old, and you attend college, live in your own apartment, or still live at home, I believe that most adults would advise that you're old enough to decide whether you want to wear thong panties.

If you're eighteen, and you think that your mother may not approve of your underwear choices, I guess the only way she would discover the fact that you wear thongs is by going through your laundry or your panty drawer. If that happens, you're old enough to make your own choices, and you've probably purchased the thongs with your own money; so what can Mom say, really?

If you're a young teenager, then I'm guessing that you don't have a credit card to make thong purchases online, and you might not even have your own money to buy thongs at the mall; so this fact changes things as you look at this topic through your parent's eyes.

Have your parents specifically told you that you can't wear thong underwear? If they have forbidden you to wear thongs, then have they explained their reasoning? You don't want to get into trouble with your parents while you're still living at home, and if they are paying for your clothes and underwear, then you might not have a choice until you're a few years older and earning your own spending money.

However, if you've been raised in a family with religious beliefs that attach specific ideas against wearing underwear that would be viewed as promiscuous or suggestive, then you probably should forget about the idea of wearing thongs as long as you're living at home or being raised with that point of view.

Another point that should be stressed at this stage of the conversation is the fact that when a girl or woman decides to wear thong panties, she most likely has to shave to remove the excess hair that will be exposed while wearing that type of underwear.

Have you already begun shaving your legs and underarms? If so, then you know that once you start shaving, you have to keep up with removing the growth of hair that shows up after two days of not shaving. If you're too young to shave, then you might want to consider not buying thongs at this season of your life. However, if you are already shaving your legs and underarms, then maybe this isn't a big deal for you.

The bottom line is that if you're old enough to earn your own money and you've already shaved your legs and underarms, then you're probably old enough to buy thong panties.

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